In my work I use different mediums, expressing mainly with sculpture and installation. My artistic practice is based on an instinctual – sometimes improvised – approach that explores the role of materials and the functionality of objects by combining elements that dissimulate hierarchies, in order to overcome social superstructures and physical and mental standardization.
I am interested in showing how our points of reference are illusory and constructed.
My work is the result of the influences produced by the visual languages of contemporary culture that I re-elaborate, producing speculations and reflections around the human condition. I take inspiration by historical objects, philosophy, material culture, handicraft, design, fashion and everything that is linked to the production processes of “things”. Existentialism, consumerism, anthropology, globalization are some of the objects of my research.
I am interested in transforming perceptions, feelings, relationships into material, producing questions about the social responsibilities of the individual and the community, opening discussions on ethical and social implications when we interact with objects, matter, life, works of art. For me each artistic production is the implementation of a mechanism where objects become “symbols in action” and move within a momentary and intimate story.